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I thought I'd post an introduction here before I started with my tutorials.

I'm Sevrah, how's it going?

Since [livejournal.com profile] mmrobitussin is very busy with school and the such, I have offered my services to keep the tutorial flow going. If you've frequented the [livejournal.com profile] xxxholic_still iconests, you may recognize my user name as an avid submitter. I also do personal dumps of icons or manipulation in many other communities. Feel free to check out my personal journal, [livejournal.com profile] _andricongirl. (*this is a friends only journal, but you are welcomed to add me. Beware, I do emo babble about my crappy life.)

I will be posting my first tutorial in a few days. I would like to ask if anyone has any specfic area they would like to see a tutorial on. I will try to do my best to explain the steps and make it easy. So, please comment if you would like to see something explained out better. I'll offer up some basic Photoshop tutorials if any are needed as well (ie: brush creation, different uses for various options.. etc.) Questions and comments are always welcomed, and if you have/or know of any groups that would like to affilate with us, please let us know!