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I hope a double post is making up for my long absence. :D I'll update more during Christmas Vacation.

Woot. If you haven't voted for the banners you want me to show you go here.

Go from this to this: .

CREDIT TO: [livejournal.com profile] faintscribbles for the icon.
THIS IS NOT MY ICON. If the creator has a problem with me using their icon, please contact me! :)

So you'll end up with all the following information: (copied from [livejournal.com profile] custom_banners)
series/character: not given
placement: Most Original Design
icontest community: anime_medley
week number: 132
theme: provided textures
link to winning post: [mmrobitussin is too lazy to find it]
lj name you want on banner: [livejournal.com profile] faintscribbles
font used: none
brush credits: none
file format: .jpg
Additional comments? look at the submission post for textures.

Copy and paste the icon and align it to the left.
Now use the gradient tool and use colors #000000 and #2F5674 to fill the background.
Use the texture found on the submission post [it was half of this. Duplicate the texture, flip horizontally, align side by side, and merge together. Duplicate the merged layer and set the top layer to 69% Soft Light and the bottom layer to 19% Lighten.
Crop the top part of the original icon and pate the parts with the eyes. Edit the image with #C6CFD0 to fill in the extra space near the person's eyes.
Use a blur tool and make a white line across the banner to complete the white line from the icon.
Duplicate the white line layer to make it bolder.
Select the entire banner and Edit>Stroke #FFFFFF, 2px, Inside.
Add text and you're done! :D

THIS TYPE OF BANNER MAKING IS GOOD FOR: People who want mostly brushed banners.... or if you run out of ideas.