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Woot. If you haven't voted for the banners you want me to show you go here.

Go from this to this: .

CREDIT TO: [livejournal.com profile] irisxchan for the icon.
THIS IS NOT MY ICON. If the creator has a problem with me using their icon, please contact me! :)

So you'll end up with all the following information: (copied from [livejournal.com profile] custom_banners)
series/character: Alice/Alice in Wonderland
placement: Interpretation
icontest community: disneyawards
week number: 79
theme: sleep
link to winning post: http://community.livejournal.com/disneyawards/91701.html
lj name you want on banner: [livejournal.com profile] irisxchan
font used: n/a
brush credits: n/a
file format: .jpg
Additional comments? Original Image

Copy and past the icon to a width: 300; height: 100 canvas. ALWAYS KEEP THE ICON ON TOP.
We were given the original image, so let's use it. :D Copy the original image onto the canvas and set it to Luminosity 100%.
You'll notice that the icon and the banner dont flow "smoothly" together. Duplicate the screencap layer. Image>Adjustments>Desaturate the image and set it to Screen 100%.
Duplicate the desaturated layer and set it to Soft light 100%.
Next, take the original/colored screencap, duplicate and bring the layter above the "soft light" layer. Using a blurry round brush, erase everything except Alice. Set the layer to Screen 27%.
Ontop of the icon you'll notice a black area. Make a new layer. Using a polygonal lasso tool, continue the diagonal line so that it matches with the icon. Make a box and fill in the box with #000000.
New layer on screen 100%. Use #853260 and a blurred circle brush to finish the pink cicle on the side of the icon.
I typed "IRISXCHAN WON INTERPRETATION // DISNEYAWARDS WK: 79 SLEEP in WST_Engl [it might be different on your computer] at 6pt for everything except Interpretation which is 12pt all of this is in #C09B89

THIS TYPE OF BANNER MAKING IS GOOD FOR: Banners when the original image is given and you have the extra room to do so.