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No I didn't forget about this community! I was simply very busy this past 2 months. :D

Go from this to this: .

CREDIT TO: [livejournal.com profile] m1ch1ru for the icon.
THIS IS NOT MY ICON. If the creator has a problem with me using their icon, please contact me! :)

So you'll end up with all the following information: (copied from [livejournal.com profile] custom_banners)
series/character: Clover/Suu
placement: Best Colour
icontest community: anime_medley
week number: 98
theme: flowers
link to winning post: http://community.livejournal.com/anime_medley/109085.html
lj name you want on banner: [livejournal.com profile] m1ch1ru
font used: n/a
brush credits: (not given)
file format: .jpg
Additional comments? n/a

Copy and past the icon to a width: 300; height: 100 canvas. New Layer place it on the bottom and fill with #FFFFFF.
So, we know that the picture was from the anime/manga Clover. Going to the best place to look for anime/manga pictures, Aethereality, we come across this picture. We then reize and paste it onto our banner.
In order to get a rounded edge, use a Rounded Rectangle tool on top of the banner with at least a 3px gap from the edges. Next fill a layer with #FFFFFF and keep the control button down as you click the layer with the "Rounded Rectangle". The area will select an outline of the rectangle. Press delete. After, delete the "rounded rectangle" layer.
New layer on top, we fill with #D18219 and set it to Overlay 37%. Then Layer>Merge Down the colored layer and the base layer. Duplicate the single layer and set the top one to Overlay 64%.
Next make a new layer and set it to Overlay. This is where the fun begins, use a blurred circle brush. Use #E46EFE and color the top portion of the banner. Use #A774FF to color the top corners and middle of the banner. Finally use #CFFFE9 to color the bottom of the banner. Add some blurred #FFFFFF dots to offset the color. The layer by itself comes out looking somewhat like this
New layer on Overlay 100%. Next use #C17735 with a blurred circle brush to color her hand and the tops of the flowers. Duplicate that layer and set it to Overlay 53%.
New layer on Overlay 100%. Use #7E9FEF and color the top center flower with a blurred circle brush.
New layer on Screen 79. Use #7D9FEF to make a line going across the bottom of the banner.
The I typed"M1CH1RU ANIME_MEDLEY BEST COLOUR WK: 98 FLOWERS" in Century Gothic at 7pt in #DE6284.

THIS TYPE OF BANNER MAKING IS GOOD FOR: Banners that you want to use an image and have LOTS of time.

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