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Another Icontest Banner Tutorial!

Go from this to this: .

CREDIT TO: [livejournal.com profile] tartankilts for the icon.
THIS IS NOT MY ICON. If the creator has a problem with me using their icon, please contact me! :)

So you'll end up with all the following information: (copied from [livejournal.com profile] custom_banners)
series/character: FFX-2 // Yuna
placement: Most Creative
icontest community: yunawards
week number: 40
theme: -
link to winning post: http://community.livejournal.com/yuna_awards/51635.html
lj name you want on banner: [livejournal.com profile] tartankilts
font used: n/a
brush credits: (not given)
file format: .jpg
Additional comments? n/a

Copy and past the icon to a width: 300; height: 100 canvas. New Layer place it on the bottom and fill with #F8F3D0.
Now you have to find a texture/background that will match. For this I used: this texture by [livejournal.com profile] 77words. Duplicate and rotate as you feel. Put all background layers beneath the icon layer.
New layer on top of the background layer and under the icon layer. Next I used this brush and used the color #586DBB. Rotate the brush and delete "Hello". Then erase as you feel is necessary.
-LEARNING HELP- If you've never done banners before, a helpful hint to matching the layers is colors. Use the colors found on the icon itself. For this I used the color of Yuna's clothing.
-LEARNING HELP- Sometimes you dont know where people get their images from, but you feel that you need to complete the picture on their icon. Use google.com or another search engine to find the missing picture. I went to google and searched "FFX 2 Yuna" and http://www.driftingheart.net/yuna-2/index.html came up. It had a gallery of images to pick from. I looked for the exact image used and used that to complete the picture.
Now take the image we found in the last step, delete the background. Copy and paste the image and set it under the icon layer and above the background and brush layer. Resize the layer until her shoulder and sleeve match. Duplicate it once and set the new duplication to Overlay 100%.
You probably noticed already that there's a light texture. Look for a generic light texture (I used this texture by [livejournal.com profile] colorfilter). Copy and paste once, then set it to screen on top of Yuna's arm.
Then use Georgia, #1837AE to type the necessary information.

THIS TYPE OF BANNER MAKING IS GOOD FOR: Banners where you need to find a background and need to learn to use resources.

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